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As a chef, I get to eat fine food and enjoy fine wine. A byproduct of this is going from buff to paunch. I felt sluggish; moving my body and spare tire had gotten to be a real chore. Leaning over to pick up something or just tie my shoes was also so difficult.

Janet came about just at the right time. At our initial session, she made a full evaluation of my symptoms. The second session, we went to the grocery store. We went up and down the aisles of Ralph's and Trader Joes. I now have a list of foods that are Healthy, Neutral and Unhealthy. What a change to my eating. At least I have a lot of Healthy choices. I filled the shopping cart and immediately started the new foods, which for me, happened to be a lot of green vegetables and fish. The anti-oxidants for me are Pomegranate juice and blueberries. Janet was very specific on exactly which foods to improve my body chemistry.

In addition, I learned how body chemistry affects behaviors and mood swings. I was having problems sleeping, would start the day with sinuses draining and a big Starbucks coffee and sweet roll. After a big lunch, I would sit in a chair and nod off. Work late to make up for sluggishness then eat a big and late dinner. I felt terrible with acid reflux and tossing and turning instead of sleeping…then start over again.

The Vitamin Shoppe must have had 15 different probiotics. Janet determined the correct one for me and we noted the bar code so I would get the exact one again. The results were amazing. My stomach settled; the acid reflux is gone; my urine is clear (not cloudy) and bowel movements wonderful! My gastro intestinal tract feels so happy!

She also recommended a homeopathic, which corresponded to my symptoms of fuzzy brain, sluggishness and aches and pains from gardening (I love to be out of doors) and many previous years of athletic injuries. I started getting amazing sleep. I now eat a good breakfast, good lunch and light dinner before going to the gym. I do a comfortable work-out. I could hardly believe how much energy I have! My temper is calmer and disposition is much better. When I get home I am not craving food. I feel so good! Just amazing! I've also added a morning yoga class.

The neighbors had a couple of all night parties and I lost sleep. I got off the wagon and immediately felt terrible again. Janet and I met and determined recuperation and I got back on the wagon. Doing great again. Changing what I eat and taking the Homeopathic remedy really work and I experienced immediate results. This is my first experience with the little white Homeopathic pellets. I want to drop about 45-50 pounds and again be proud of my physique.

El Segundo, California

I know that I am allergic to flour and recently ate some breaded alligator meat. I had a terrible reaction: face, eye lids, lips swollen and eyes oozing; difficulty breathing and swallowing; hands and feet swollen; skin flaking and itching. Called Janet immediately for appointment. This was by far the most severe reaction I have experienced. I also looked too bad to go to work which triggered terrible depression and hopelessness. With just homeopathics, I was much better in about a week. Adding a flower essence formula really helped the depression. To avoid cortisone cream for the itching skin, I rubbed ice on the inflamed area which alleviated the itching. I was just coming out of the allergy episode with a recovering immune system when I caught the flu. I made another appointment and was given homeopathics for the headache, runny nose, difficulty breathing and fatigue. Again, I was much better in about a week. Most of my friends and clients who got the flu got pneumonia; I did not get pneumonia.

Thank you, Janet, for getting my life back in the fast lane.

Tarzana, California

I began having severe allergic reactions to cats about a decade ago. I couldn't stay at my friend's house for more than an hour due to her fluffy Siamese, even though I once owned five cats myself. I tried allergy medications Zyrtec and Claritin, but the results were disappointing. I thought I would have to learn to live with my conditions and avoid meeting my friends until I heard about homeopathy. I started off in the skeptics' camp and yet, I decided it would be better than being allergic to cats. I went forward with a consultation with Janet Shultz so I could learn more about her business and help her launch an advertising campaign. After an extensive interview, Janet recommended modifying my diet and taking specific homeopathics. I gradually felt better overall and was amazed when I went to my friend's house for a New Year's Eve party. I sat on the cat's favorite couch and the cat leapt up into my lap and nothing happened. I did not get asthmatic. I was OK! My springtime allergies are so much better.

Redondo Beach, California

My son developed a respiratory ailment when he was 2 weeks old. He had a 6 year history of respiratory problems, skin irritations, ear problems and swollen lymph nodes. Ears would itch whenever he ate and there was almost constant yellowish to brown discharge from both ears. It was getting increasingly difficult for him to hear which caused frustration and behavioral problems at school and home. His pediatrician gave him antibiotics and antihistamines which did not help. She said he had hardened amber fluid built up behind the tympanic membrane. She had no solution for his situation. We decided to try homeopathy. In about 8 months his hearing immensely improved and he was doing much better in school. This was 4 years ago and his pediatrician was amazed at the results! We continue to take him to Janet Shultz for homeopathy and are very pleased with the way his health has continued to improve.

Redondo Beach, California

I am 32 year old male and 2 years ago I had a huge gum infection. I went to my dentist to get a tooth extracted after which I was put on pain killers and antibiotics. I felt so terrible that when I soon had to get another tooth extracted, I wanted no part of pain killers or antibiotics. A friend suggested homeopathy and I scheduled an appointment for immediately after the next tooth extraction. Janet recommended a homeopathic protocol which rendered me pain free, helped healing and ended the gum infection. I really was thankful to have an alternative to the narcotics and antibiotics. I have had no teeth or gum problems in 2 years.

Los Angeles, California

In October 2001, Madison, our first Shih Tzu, was near death. Her health clearly did not follow the rules. Madison would throw up all the time, spit up all the time and have diarrhea or loose stools all the time. Vet said no hope with congenital hip dysplasia in both hips, inflammatory bowel disease (AKA irritable bowel syndrome), hypothyroid (AKA low thyroid) and severe underweight. I know what I went through trying to find help for Madison and her many conditions that started shortly after her required vaccinations. I remember spending countless nights on the Internet trying to find help for her. Janet Shultz was and is an absolute answer to my prayers regarding Madison. Homeopathy and nutrition therapy yielded gradual improvement over 6 months. Madison now runs up & down stairs. She rarely ever throws up, spits up, or has diarrhea or loose stools anymore...and I mean rarely...she has doubled in weight and is the absolute picture of health. Madison will be 6 years old this July 2005...thank you Janet from the bottom of my heart!

Forrest Glenn, our second Shih Tzu, has congenital liver disease, specifically microvascular liver dysplasia, accompanied by chronic loose stools and high suspicion of leaky gut syndrome. According to Forrest Glenn's vet and given his diagnosis and the fact that his liver disease cannot be surgically repaired he should not live past the age of three. He looks and acts very much alive to me and that is because of Janet's skills as a classical and clinical homeopath and nutritionist...no doubt in my mind. Forrest Glenn will be 3 years old tomorrow (May 2005)...once again thank you Janet!

Three and one-half years later, we now have 3 Shih Tzus and my husband and I all regularly consult Janet for improving our overall health with homeopathy and nutrition. My husband and I notice profound and immediate relief during acute illness when treated via Janet and homeopathy. We have a steadfast commitment and dedication towards both Janet Shultz and homeopathy.

Chicago, Illinois

In May of 2001, I became very ill with symptoms of headaches, night sweats, allergies, polyps, chronic infections and skin ulcers. Both my parents had phlebitis. For years I had worked in a toxic environment and I was dragging myself around. I was procrastinating, spacing out and unable to concentrate. I was sure I was dying. This was a very challenging time for me. I would not have lived through this with the help of Janet Shultz' homeopathic, nutritional and exercise recommendations. Her guidance was extremely beneficial. I very much appreciate knowing Janet and being able to work with her because her knowledge and expertise has literally saved my life. I regularly consult Janet to continue working on my overall health to help me strengthen my immune system and reduce tendencies to succumb to poor health patterns that I am now aware of. There is so much I want to do in life and homeopathy has immensely helped my attitudes and abilities to fulfill my life purpose. 

West Hills, California

I live in Fresno, ranked #3 city of dirtiest air (agriculture, pesticides, fertilizers, pollen, smog, etc.) in the nation. For years, I had taken asthma and hay fever medications. I started homeopathic treatment in November 2002 and by the spring 2003, I noticed a marked improvement in my ability to breathe during even the worst pollution days in Fresno. I used my inhaler and medications much less. Janet also helped me determine a better diet. When I stick to the recommended foods, I feel better. I am continuing with homeopathy and feel that my overall health has definitely improved.

Fresno, California

I've started using homeopathic medicine for myself and my kids recently. I'm amazed at how quickly the remedies work. It's helped allergies, asthma attacks, ringworm, headaches and nausea. I hope more people try it for themselves. It's not fake - everything we've tried has worked fast!

Corpus Christi, Texas

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