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When Health is absent, Wisdom cannot reveal itself, Art cannot become manifest, Strength cannot be exerted,

Wealth is useless and Reason is powerless - Herophilus, 300BC

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Many of you have commented on the list of "What you have that you don't  want?"  Below is an annotated list of presentation topics.  Please feel free to call and let me know what information you and your group are interested in learning more about.  If you have a topic not yet covered, please call (310) 322-0549 and let me know. 

Improving Your Health Improves On the Job Performance

Foggy thinking? Best laid plans fizzle? Alienating co-workers and the boss?  Procrastinating?  Pushy?  Can't get going? Overweight?  Sluggish?  Allergies?  Family unhappy?  If you improved your overall being, i.e.,  thinking processes, appropriate emotional behaviors and physical health, would life in general improve?  Learn the scientific basis for homeopathy and how homeopathy can play a role in helping you to feel better and operate more effectively and efficiently mentally, emotionally and physically. 

Creativity Block?

Does your artistic mind feel blocked?  Frustrated?  Conflicted?  What is holding you back?  Fear?  Self-critical?  Stage fright?  Trying to do "perfect" work?  Need to organize scattered ideas?  Bring thoughts into focus?  Improve your creative processes?  Writing, painting, acting, performing, sculpting, marketing . . . consider homeopathy to get those creative juices flowing!

Mid-Life Crises?

Can happen at any time.  Feeling old?  Discouraged?  Sluggish?   Relationships on the rocks?  Ready to quit or change your job?  Unhappy with life in general?  Mood swings?  Life a drudgery?  Past seems uneventful and future is bleak?  What's the use?   Get a new perspective with homeopathics and natural essence formulas.

Caring for the Caregiver

Whether caring for a child or parent, care-giving is one of the most demanding and stressful activities.  One or both of you experiencing guilt?  Conflict?  Frustration?  Anger?  Control issues?  Exhaustion?  Despair?   Improving attitude and health of the caregiver and care receiver can lighten the stress and make for better cooperation.  Learn how improving mental, emotional and physical attributes of the care receiver can also make this activity easier for the care giver. 

"Overworked; overstressed; feel like I'm going crazy!!!"

Overwhelmed, irritable and moody?  Compelled to do things, difficulty
sleeping?  Work and personal relationships unhealthy?  Learn how you can improve mental, emotional and physical health with homeopathy, improved nutrition and flower essence formulas.

Homeopathy:  Helping Your Child Get A Healthy Start

Digestive, learning, behavioral and coordination difficulties among children are some of the issues parents face.  Homeopathy can make the formative years easier for the whole family.  While not a replacement for mainstream medicine, homeopathy can provide a safe and non-toxic first line of defense for minor discomforts as well as chronic conditions.  Addressing a child's issues early truly makes all the difference.  This informational session will shed some new light on the health issues that you and your children may be currently facing.

Athletic Underperformance?

Need more flexibility, strength and endurance?  Improve mind body performance bio-energetically.  Consider homeopathy, improved nutrition and flower essence formulas as ways to improve physical health, coordination, mind body information processing, focus, attitude and perseverance.

"What was I supposed to remember?" 

Experiencing some "senior moments" and you are not a senior?  Maybe you're only a teenager?  Mind a bit fuzzy?  Forget where you were going or what you came for?  Forgetting dates, places and/or words . . . and "can't find" them?  Harder to comprehend ideas and information?  Difficulty preparing for and taking tests?  Explore the possibilities of using homeopathy to improve the health of your mind.

Sleep and Dreams

Tossin' and turnin' all night?  Want to improve your night life?  Want better sleep and dreams?  Adequate and good quality rest is essential in supporting life functions!  Consider improving your health and sleep with homeopathy.

Gentlemen . . . Re-start Your Engines

Do you take better care of your car than your health?  Degeneration happens! Foggy windows?  Car too big?  A few bumps and grinds? Get your body and mind in shape again.  Don't let corrosion and sludge degrade your vehicle any longer.  Clean out the carburetor.  Update the computer.  Enhance your performance in all arenas!  Learn how homeopathy and nutrition can improve your mental, emotional and physical health.  Sooner the better!  Rev up your engine and let those sparks fly!

What is the largest organ of the body?  SKIN!!

Your skin too dry, oily, itchy, flaky, bumpy, blotchy?  We can be so obsessed with how we look.  And consider that skin conditions can be indicators of other health problems.  Consider homeopathy for supporting healthier skin and possibly better first impressions.  

Presentations cover some interesting theories & possibilities for feeling better mentally, emotionally and physically.

Presentation Topics (updated!)