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When Health is absent, Wisdom cannot reveal itself, Art cannot become manifest, Strength cannot be exerted,

Wealth is useless and Reason is powerless - Herophilus, 300BC

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Homeopathy treats illness by the stimulation of the body's own healing response.
Homeopathy helps you restore your body's "vital force" or "essence" to harmony and balance.

Use Homeopathy, Nutrition & Biofeedback
to Improve Your Health and Your Life!

Who Benefits with Homeopathy,
Improving Nutrition and

Adults, children, men, women, artists, actors, professionals i high-tech industries, teachers, students, athletes, attorneys, CPA's,  .  .  .  just about anyone and everyone who wants to improve their mental, emotional and physical health and well-being!

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Janet Shultz, M.A., Homeopathy & Nutrition, CBS

Janet Shultz, MA, CHom, CBS - Certified Biofeedback Specialist, is dedicated to providing more natural choices for individuals to pursue their own good health and happiness.

Janet utilizes skills of an experienced classical homeopath in recommending remedies for chronic and deep-seated mental, emotional and physical discomforts. When an acute discomfort arises, Janet can pragmatically utilize classical or clinical skills to support the healing experience. Click here for more info...

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A Holistic Approach to Health & Wellness
Basics of Burn-Out

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“Mitchell Report on steroid abuse released: Baseball will survive but the achievements of so many …will forever be tainted.” Don’t risk your life, health and happiness to be a synthetic super flash-in-the-pan performer. Give a genuinely healthy performance and live with homeopathy and good nutrition!"
LA Times, 12/13/07, D-1

“They’re bulking up mentally: Academics, musicians, even poker champs take pills to sharpen their minds, legally. Labs race to develop even more.” Do not risk frying your brain! No one has conducted studies about how brain-boosting drugs would affect healthy people after weeks or months of use. Mind and Body are connected; abuse your mind, abuse your body. Homeopathics are safe and promote your good mental, emotional and physical health. Think healthy thoughts!"
LA Times 12/20/07, A-1

“No meeting of the minds—yet: Scientists still aren’t sure what causes Alzheimer’s or how to cure it.” Five FDA medications do nothing to stop the disease and have only marginal, often transitory effects on its symptoms. “The disease is too tempting a financial target [for pharmaceutical giants] to ignore.” Start now to improve your mental, emotional and physical health with low-priced, effective, long-used homeopathics and good nutrition."
LA Times 12/27/07, A-1

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