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The following are just a few of the recent health issues found in the national news publications.

"...abdominal obesity promotes insulin resistance, which raises insulin levels, which increases appetite, which increases triglycerides, which causes the good HDL to go down, and increases sodium absorption, the blood volume expands and blood pressure goes up...this cascade of events leads to glucose intolerance, diabetes, hypertension and accelerated development of coronary heart disease." And "ovary disease, and Alzheimer's"
U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT, November 28, 2005, pp. 72-74 and September 5, 2005, pp. 60-62.
Consider Homeopathy, nutrition and exercise to safely and effectively support weight management and reduce risk factors of aging and degeneration.

Women's Health: Special Report, Skin Deep: How our exterior reveals secrets to our inner health. "Indeed, doctors keep their eyes on the skin for all manner of clues to underlying disease and other conditions affecting a woman's health." "...early detection is key." "We're seeing an increase in adult women with acne. Accutane...can cause birth defects..."
U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT, November 14, 2005, pp. 66-78.
Getting those costly surface-changing "anti-aging" skin treatments? Consider Homeopathy and nutrition to improve overall skin health from the inside out. Got a bump, rash or wrinkle? Consider homeopathy.

Dozens of Chemicals Found in Most Americans' Bodies: "Most American children and adults carry dozens of pesticides and toxic compounds linked to potential health threats."
LA Times 7-22-05
Consider Homeopathy to help you improve your health by safely and gently releasing toxins.

 Why Are We So Fat? The Heavy Cost of Fat!
Consider Homeopathy to help you improve your digestive system and support your efforts to normalize your weight.

Highly Successful People: Do you ever look at successful, happy people who seem especially good at fulfilling their dreams and wonder how they do it?
Family Circle, 4/19/05
Consider Homeopathy and Flower Essence Formulas to support your emotional health and make changing your life easier.

Midlife Crisis? Bring It On! How women of this generation are seizing that
stressful, pivotal moment in their lives to reinvent themselves.
TIME, Vol. 165, No. 20, May 16, 2005, pp. 53-63.
Consider Homeopathy, improving your nutrition and using flower essence formulas to support successful and healthy transformations.

Of Birds and Men: A deadly virus is brewing in Asia. Could this be the next killer pandemic?

U.S.NEWS & WORLD REPORT, APRIL 4, 2005, pp. 40-48.

Consider homeopathy for improving your immune system.

CHUCK THE MEDS; A panel of experts last week warned that many women are being overmedicated for relatively mild menopause symptoms, some wrongly associated with the hormonal change instead of aging. Their advice; Avoid meds--especially risky hormone replacement therapy--if you can.
U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT, APRIL 4, 2005, p.11.
Consider Homeopathy, improving your nutrition and using flower essence formulas to support more comfortable menopause and healthy aging.

The Cruelest Cut: often it's the one teens inflict on themselves. Why are so many American kids secretly self-mutilating?
TIME, Vol. 165, No. 20, May 16, 2005, p. 48-50
Horror in Red Lake: A school shooting and no answers.
U.S.NEWS & WORLD REPORT, APRIL 4, 2005, p. 28-29.
Consider homeopathy to help your child and you, the parent, through those difficult years.

Special Issue: How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body. How Stress Takes Its Toll Through the Ages - You become susceptible to different disorders as your brain develops, matures and ages. Here's a guide to the typical age of onset.
Consider homeopathy for supporting you to strengthen weak links and change your susceptibilities to disease.

TIME, Vol. 161, No. 3, January 20, 2003

The Year in Medicine. The Stealth Killer - America's High Blood Pressure crisis is spinning out of control. Learn about it, treat it--and maybe save your life.
Consider homeopathy for supporting you to strengthen weak links and change your susceptibilities to disease
TIME, December 6, 2004

Are you taking arthritis drugs?  "Merck Decides to Pull Arthritis Drug Vioxx . . . arthritis pain drugs double the risk of heart attack and stroke."

LATimes 10-3-04

Consider Homeopathy to improve your physical health. 

Can't get or don't want flu vaccine?  "Demand for flu vaccine takes off -
Doctors fear for high-risk patients." "Alternative flu treatments expect big sales - Vaccine shortage may lead consumers to other options."

USA Today 10-8-04
Consider Homeopathy to improve your physical health.

"Stressed by the Tests - Worried their kid may be the one child left behind, parents across the country are hiring high-priced tutors to help children--even preschoolers--get ahead." "Kids are too young for valium.  What do you do to help a stressed-out 8-year-old?"
PEOPLE, November 1, 2004
Consider Homeopathy to improve your child's mental, emotional & physical health.

"What About Men?  Tired?  Got the blues?  He tried taking anti-depressants but had a hard time accepting one of the drugs' most common side effects--sexual dysfunction. The symptoms listed for andropause, which include decreased sex drive, fatigue, loss of strength, muscle mass, & difficulty concentrating, could apply at some point to just about every older man...."
U.S.NEWS &  WORLD REPORT, March 15, 4004
Consider Homeopathy to improve your mental, emotional & physical health.

Who's Afraid of Menopause?  Embrace "The Change" With Homeopathy Hot flashes, fatigue, memory loss, weight gain, crabby?  To use Hormone Replacement Therapy or not to use Hormone Replacement Therapy?  This is a question of health, comfort and safety.  As you have already heard:  "Estrogen deficiency in middle age has been postulated to account, at least in part, for the somewhat higher incidence of Alzheimer Disease (AD) in women than men and may constitute a risk factor for AD. . . . Women's Health Initiative Memory Study (WHIMS), the estrogen portion, was discontinued early after approximately 5 years of follow-up because of increased risks for coronary heart disease, stroke, venous thromboembolism, and breast cancer."
Journal American Medical Association, June 23/30, 2004;291:3005.
Consider Homeopathy to improve your overall health naturally and safely.

"Homeopathics are safe, with no side effects or contra-indications.  They can be safely taken in conjunction with other conventional medicines and sometimes recommended to complement other treatments."


Homeopathics are safe

Homeopathy:  An Excellent Path to Wellness Homeopathy is a natural science.  Homeopathics stimulate the Vital Force of the human being to engage in healing processes.  Homeopathics act to stimulate the natural defenses of the body and they do not mask or stifle a symptom. 

Consider Homeopathy as a complementary approach to wellness.

Healing by Homeopathy Interview of Janet Shultz, M.A.

Daily Breeze, August 9, 2004

My Family Health Portrait, The Surgeon General's Family History Initiative. hhs.gov/familyhistory.

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When Health is absent, Wisdom cannot reveal itself, Art cannot become manifest, Strength cannot be exerted,

Wealth is useless and Reason is powerless - Herophilus, 300BC

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